February 8, 2018 Project Laya Management

Our ICO is complete!

[vc_cta h2=””]Dear Laya Members,

First of all congratulations to all the members and contributors. We sold a total number of 921,475 Laya Tokens to over 1000 members around the world. In addition to this, Airdrop & Bounty rewards were also released for the 1st batch amounting to 500,000 Tokens. The circulating supply of Laya Tokens will be 1,421,475 with a current worth of $ 1,990,065. We also included a real time statistics on the user dashboard.

Now we have to share you some bad & good news.

During the last few weeks, many things happened in the cryptocurrency world. The GlobalMarketCap crashed from an all time high of $880 Billions to under $300 Billions and even the stock market had a huge unexpected dump. Unfortunately the whole market situation and the “lending” niche turned to a bad reputation. We had a long discussion with our Legal Team and because of the reasons mentioned, we decided not to launch a lending platform.

But don’t worry, we are proud to announce you that our excellent management team developed the first cryptocurrency company in the world having a brand new unique platform concept which is even much easier, better & more profitable than lending!

More Informations will be announced in the next few days! We will assure you that each and everyone who believed in us will benefit this new platform and we will all together reap the success in the near future.

We have also another good news to share: Our Internal Exchange will be available on 15th of February 2018.

Please share the news to your friends & team partners.

Thank you for your attention and loyalty to us!

– Project Laya Management[/vc_cta]

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